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      2018-2020 Strategy

      Our three year plan to empower our members and enhance the strength of the profession.

      Federal Election

      Read our Election Platform and responses from the political parties

      Anzac Hall Campaign

      Sign our online petition to stop the demolition of Anzac Hall.

      About the Australian Institute of Architects

      The Australian Institute of Architects is the peak body for the architectural profession in Australia, representing 11,000 members. The Institute works to improve our built environment by promoting quality, responsible, sustainable design. Through its members, the Institute plays a major role in shaping Australia's future. Learn more.

      Awards gallery

      Banner Image

      2018 National Architecture Awards
      Bendigo Hospital by Silver Thomas Hanley with Bates Smart.
      Photo: Shannon McGrath

      Banner Image

      2018 National Architecture Awards.
      krakani lumi by Taylor and Hinds Architects with the Aboriginal Land Council.
      Photo: Adam Gibson

      Banner Image

      2018 National Architecture Awards
      Optus Stadium by HASSELL COX HKS.
      Photo: Peter Bennetts

      Banner Image

      2018 National Architecture Awards
      Joynton Avenue Creative Centre and Precinct by Peter Stutchbury Architecture in association with Design 5 – Architects for City of Sydney.
      Photo: Michael Nicholson


      The top in the Territory announced at Northern Territory Architecture Awards

      A striking crystalline building in an industrial area of Alice Springs has won the Northern Territory’s top architecture honour for 2019 at the ...

      Read more

      Housing and urban focus welcome in new ministry

      We welcome the incoming Morrison government’s acknowledgement of the importance of housing and urban policy and infrastructure, as it renewed its call for a focus on building safety, sustainability and effective design.
      With the introduction of ...

      Read more

      From the President

      Learn more from Immediate Past President Clare Cousins in this month's message.

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